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Jade Curtiss
Nephry, Peony; Dist’s abomination of a machine, the Kaiser Dist, should be accessible for you both. Your Majesty, under current conditions, it would be advisable…

Not the time for formalities. Get in the cockpit, and do not open the door until you’ve heard otherwise. Keep your communication devices close at hand to monitor when that time is. I am being nothing less then entirely serious; follow these directions without delay.

If it becomes too warm, re-route the coolant system. Knowing Dist's capacity for plastering his own self-proclaimed brilliance wherever he can, I don't doubt you'll find a flowery version of the schematics inside the Kaiser Dist. They should explain the best method by which to do this.

Now, then.

Mathiu, dinner may have to wait, I’m afraid~

Anise; I could use your assistance.

[ooc: So, if anyone needs rescuing before Jade’s out, feel free to send him an S.O.S~ I'm assuming based on other entries that the 'event' has begun.]
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Retirement seems a bit more troublesome than I'd previously imagined~

Never a dull moment.

As that is the case, Mathiu, I will be showing up for full duty at the clinic now that I have everything in order. I've managed to retrieve a few supplies, and fretful as the condition of some are, they may come of use in creating medical kits.

If we can distribute medical packs throughout the lower level to the residents of the shanty homes, it may cut down severely on the chances of mass infection the populace is currently at high risk of. I've a theory on this matter I'd very much like to discuss with you, given the time, as well as a number of substances I'd like to examine in tandem-- best to know what risk of disease there is before setting out on its prevention.

I should be arriving some time tomorrow morning.

As for the events of late... hm.

Luke. &hearts I must say, those childbearing hips are rather fitting on your overall form. I am, however, forced to wonder if Guy now has a difficult time forcing on his own pants? They were always rather constricting, and considering the shift in shape... I confess, attentive friend that I am, I'm concerned for him.

Perhaps Tear ought to take you two shopping for something a little more... free fitting? Especially you, Guy, to ease your struggle against that leather monstrosity. Though, considering your fashion sense....

...My, my, now I'm blushing~ don't choose anything that shows off too much leg, you'd hate to be mistaken for an immodest, Guy~
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Oh my...

But this is awkward.

[Screened; but Hackable if you're l33t, since Jade is slightly-less coherent than usual.]


It's a unique feeling, to barely be able to control--

Having the ability return after so long, focus is unwieldy for me. I'm out of practice, and the resurgence has been a bit too great.

Perhaps an unwise time to have left 'home', but so long as I can procure a place to rest safely for a time, this should be of little consequence.

Useful, even.

What an awkward sensation... to not be entirely in command of it. ...Somewhat painful, even. Best that Luke cannot find me, for a time. I doubt my ability to use artes is indefinite, and my inability to tame the fonons coursing my body even less so. A challenge... hah.
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A Message For the 'Gods';

How does one, exactly, obtain passage into the upper level?

If I recall correctly, I do recall a policy of 'ask, and you shall receive your answer.'

I'll await it, then.


Luke, I may take you up on that offer of company now. There are matters to be discussed, and I should like to do so before I lose track of your location, or you of mine.
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As Dist describes, I seem to be 'emotionally unintelligent'.

However, nonetheless... I would imagine that a portion of 'love' might consist of curbing one's desires in order to protect what they apparently hold dear.

Forgive me, Your Majesty, it is no business that has been willingly shared with me, and perhaps nothing you need to be told twice.

...But it's only first-level Military strategy to know that begging an enemy always ends in surrender, rather than mercy.

That you and Nephry would do engage in--

No, I suppose it isn't any of my concern.

These infantile 'Gods' do not have boundless reserves of forgiveness.
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...I don't know why I'd never felt able to tell you before now. Ah, but hearts are shy~

Saphir. &hearts

You are more rare and precious to me than a human autopsy.

And your old-man hair is absolutely gorgeous today.

[[ooc note: Jade isn't actually affected by the 'love' event, he's just pretending in order to get Luke to take notice of Dist, rather than himself~ And for the Dist torture. *v*]]
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Figurative Gods taking old statements a bit too literally.

Mn~ How troublesome.

Dist, I do believe you have competition. &hearts Luke is nearly as freakishly infatuated.
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What better proof that we’re in hell then the arrival of Dist the Runny. Loud as ever, I see. Nephry, I wish you the very best of luck with your new house guest. Be careful; he tends to mutter in his sleep, not to mention dribble and foam at the mouth explicitly.

I’m afraid I’ve been without communications for a while, as I’ve been occupied with mapping out the territory. Not to mention, fashioning a weapon a bit lighter than my own. Do forgive me my absence, Your Majesty, as I’m sure it pained you to be without opportunity to convince me to cross dress for nearly two weeks.

Now then.

Luke? Still available for the hunt? I do hope you’ve been practicing~ It would be a pity if you’ve gotten sloppy with your blade.

I doubt monster flesh is a very appetizing reward, but on the lighter side of things, at least you'll have the opportunity to stretch your legs.

Anyone else capable of putting up a fight is welcome, I suppose.
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Quite the reunion.

Some of the familiar faces that have turned up are a bit shocking, I admit. Ah, what dark and mysterious pasts must have led up to this point~ Clearly, the indoor lives of the Kimlascan regency are a great deal more scandalous than I would have imagined.

Either that, or perhaps these so-called 'Gods' are indiscriminant in their sentences of guilt, and rather less forthcoming with rites of forgiveness.

Now, if His Majesty's rappigs happen to arrive, I'll be sure of where we are.

[Private to Nephry]

Myself and Peony are currently heading in your direction. We should be there shortly. In the meantime, it would be prudent to lay low.

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Well now, this is a fascinating turn of events...

It's a pity and a bit of nuisance that I don't seem capable of my Fonic Artes here. However, so kind of our tragically unamused Gods to leave me with my spear. &hearts It would seem that monsters have taken up residence here too, and are just as delightfully bloodthirsty as on Auldrant.

Finding shelter should be top priority, at this point, unless I can locate a monster I can stave the fur from.

If this is judgment, I do wonder how I died... Hoh~ perhaps trying to stave the fur off a monster~
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